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Access to Screen & Focus VR Pack


Warning: Monkeying around inside an AC electrically powered device is DANGEROUS!! You could seriously injure or kill yourself if you make the wrong move. Do not attempt this procedure unless you have the requisite skills and knowledge to complete it successfully. This article is provided for information only, and I accept no responsibility for damage or injury resulting from the use of the information contained in this article.


Proceed to at least Step 8 of the Basic Front Disassembly Procedure in preparation for beginning this procedure.  (NOTE: You may click on any image to pop up a larger version of the image with arrows indicating action points.)
Click for larger image...
Step 1
Click for larger image...
Step 2
Click for larger image...
Step 3
Below the right-side speaker, you will see a plastic access panel with four screws in it. Remove the two lower screws. Loosen the two upper screws slightly. Slide the panel upward to align the screw heads with the enlarged slot in the access panel. Remove the panel and secure it and the two screws in a safe location. Here is a clos-up of the VR pack. There are six VR's: 3 for screen, and 3 for focus. The focus VRs are on the BOTTOM, labeled from left to right: R, G, B. If you mix them up even once, you could seriously screw up your set!!
Click for larger image...
Step 4
Here is an even closer view of the VR pack...
That's it....  Now you can proceed to the Electrical Focus or Herman-TLV Maneuver (or something else equally scary!). 


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