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Bullet Jump:
Does less mean more!

Article Index:
The Goal:

Build a Glock that is radically more accurate than stock, doesn't sacrifice any of its legendary reliability, and can be had by the average shooting enthusiast without retaining a master gunsmith or enduring months long waiting lists.

Proposed path to goal:

Reduce the bullet-jump in the barrel to near-zero producing potential accuracy increases due to better bullet to bore alignment.

Definitions: (These may not be "industry standard" definitions, but are defined for purposes of this project.)

Chamber - That portion of the barrel that contains the cartridge case inclusive of the barrel hood and ending at the head spacing step.

Head spacing step - The step on which the case mouth rests to index the round in relationship to the free-bore, throat, and main bore.

Free-bore (aka. "lead") - That portion of the barrel bore having no lands, specifically from the head spacing step to the beginning of the throat.

Throat - That portion of the barrel bore from the lead to the main bore where the lands begin and ramp up to full height at a given throat angle.

Throat angle - the angle at which the lands ramp up from free bore diameter to full height, typically expressed as twice the single-side planar angle (e.g. 1.5 degrees per side of a cross-section x two sides for a total throat angle of 3 degrees).

Main bore - That portion of the barrel from the end of the throat to the muzzle characterized by full-height lands.

Bullet-jump - That distance the projectile must travel from its original position as seated in the case to the point it first engages the barrel lands.

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