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Getting there...

It's been some several years since I began putting together my "Home Theater". Finding time to work on it often is the hardest part. I have finally made it back around to "HT mode", so I thought I'd provide a page reflecting the current "state of affairs".

This page shows what the "theater" looks(ed) like on March 28, 2004. If you'd like to compare it to the "old" version, then click HERE.  It might also help to click HERE to pop up a window with the "plan view" of the room to compare with the images below.

NOTE: I can neither recommend nor discourage you with respect to duplicating any of the procedures/projects on this page or any other...  This is simply how I chose to do it "My Way". 


(NOTE: You may click on any image to pop up a larger version. The number captions under each image corresponds to the compass direction I was facing when I took the picture.)
Click for larger image...
Click for larger image...
Click for larger image...
From the door looking back to the far corner. Not a lot to see, but in the center of the frame, behind the unused electronic components, you can just see the TechFlex covered wiring harness that carries the rear surround speaker wires, the TELCO cable for the DISH receiver, the OTA antenna rotator cable, and two Canare L5-CFB cables that carry the DISH and OTA signals from the back wall to the components on the Flexy Rack.  You can also see one of the six AC plugs that have been replaced with upgraded Leviton fixtures. Backing up a bit, you can see the Media Cabinet against the back wall.  Yup, that's my laptop on the cabinet with DVD Profiler onscreen.  I was way behind on my DVD inventory.  You can also see the left, rear surround up on a stand (partially hidden by the lamp shade).  Can't wait to say "Goodbye" to the entire set!  

The entire room relies on two table lamps for lighting.  Can't wait to upgrade the lighting for something better too...

The RPTV is now located in the "bay window" area which allows me to "reclaim" some of the lost space vs. the original setup.  The "butt" of the RPTV tucks right in. 

On the right side of the RPTV, is of course the Flexy Rack I built. The "blank area" on the left side of the RPTV is where my new sub will eventually be placed (you can actually see the sub wire coiled up back there).

Additionally, I have eliminated the curtains in favor of three custom Hunter-Douglas "PowerRise" shades (in white just in case the room should ever change colors).

Click for larger image...
Click for larger image...
Click for larger image...
Continuing around to the right, you see the Flexy Rack again. In the corner, you can see the current little 10" powered sub with the front/right surround atop.

For some reason, there are "spots" in this and other images on this page... I must have had something on the lense.  Sorry.

That big "pile-o-stuff" is all of the non-cabinet materials for constructing 4 each Adire KIT281 (vented) speakers, and Adire LCC center channel speaker, and an Adire Alignment, Tempest (vented) sub-woofer (22"x22"x48" cabinet). I still have to do the drywall in the entryway and construct the Duvetyne/Velvet curtain for the "door" to the theater.

It's a bit of a challenge owing to the full-height, and vaulted shape of the opening at the top.

Yes, that's "Sport" on the couch...

Click for larger image...
Click for larger image...
... 20 minutes and he never moved a muscle.

I hate that couch, but it will have to do until I can buy some "real" HT seating. Unfortunately, it's a custom 4-cushion couch and there are only two options for getting it out of the room:  1) remove the bay window and put it through the opening, or 2) CHAINSAW...

Dead center behind that couch is where the non-AC wiring comes into the room from the wiring closet. In addition to the signals mentioned earlier, there is also a CAT-5E Ethernet drop and a place for another RG-11 cable for the FM antenna atop the house.

And the trip around the room is complete.

That coffee table AND the end tables will be kindling once the HT seating is acquired.

As you can see, I still have a huge remote control collection. One of these days, I'm going to get around to actually programming my Pronto remote and putting all of them into a drawer somewhere.    

 More to come....
I'll try to add new images as I reach significant milestones. 


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