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Basic Front Disassembly


Many of the Tweaks and Tips located on this website require you to disassemble the set to some degree. To avoid repetitive instructions in each article, decided to present the disassembly procedures in a modular form, and refer to them from within the more advanced procedures. 

Warning: Monkeying around inside an AC electrically powered device is DANGEROUS!! You could seriously injure or kill yourself if you make the wrong move. Do not attempt this procedure unless you have the requisite skills and knowledge to complete it successfully. This article is provided for information only, and I accept no responsibility for damage or injury resulting from the use of the information contained in this article.


(NOTE: You may click on any image to pop up a larger version of the image with arrows indicating action points.)
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Step 1
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Step 2
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Step 3
Front shot of the set. Note the screen (Front Mask), speaker grills, and light box front panel.... and of course my reflection in the screen while taking the picture. This image was captured just prior to removing the front panel from the screen stack. Close-up of left side speaker grill. Both grills are secured at the corners with "psycho Velcro"! You really have to yank on the grills to get them loose. Pop both grills loose and set them aside in a safe location. Shot of the speaker grill removed. Do both sides. Here's a tip. When you put the grills back on, only secure the inside lower and outside top Velcro points. This will 1) hold it securely, 2) won't vibrate even if you are using the onboard speakers, and 3) will be MUCH easier to remove the next time!   
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Step 4
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Step 5
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Step 6
Right side of the light box front access panel. Remove the 4 screws on each side of the panel, remove the panel, and set it aside in a safe location.

Here's a "tip" on wood screws and wood (especially particle board):  When you get ready to reinstall the screws, take your time! Line the parts up, insert the screw into the hole with minimal pressure, and then gently rotate the screw COUNTER-clockwise until you feel it "click" or "clunk" down a notch. THEN carefully turn it clockwise to tighten. Start all screws first, and then tighten them down. The "clunk" maneuver will drastically increase the number of times you can take a wood screw out and put it back in before the hole "wallows out".

Here's an overall shot of the front access to the light box with the "shield plate" installed. Gotta get this thing off to get proper access to stuff inside for the most part.  First, unclip the wire harness out of the two white connectors. 
Click for larger image...
Step 7
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Step 8
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Step 9
Close-up of the right side of the shield plate. Remove the two screws from each side of the plate. Take care to hold the plate in place when taking out the last two screws. Use care in removing it from the chassis.

In addition, remember to re-attach the ground wire to the lower left corner of the shield plate on re-assembly.  

Overall shot of the unobstructed light box front access port. You can get in LOTS of mischief in here!   If you need to remove the front mask (screen assembly), simply look for the four brackets like the one in the image above. Remove the 8 total screws from the brackets. To remove the screen assembly, simply pull out slightly on the bottom of the frame and lift the entire frame up off the upper retention rail. NOTE: the frame is fairly "flimsy" as it comes from the factory. Don't lift the frame from the center of any side. Handle the screen assembly by grasping/lifting at the corners. This will also aid in minimizing "racking" of the frame. 
Click for larger image...
Step 10
Screen assembly removed and sitting in front of the chassis. The Screen frame/stack should be secured well away (and safely) from the work area to avoid unintended contact with the screen elements et al.  
That's it for the basic disassembly. Re-assembly is simply the reverse of the above procedures.


Copyright (C)2003 MONTAC Enterprises.  All Rights Reserved©
Revised: March 03, 2006 .