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Dillon RL550B Spent Primer Cup:
Put away that broom!


The Dillon Precision RL550B Progressive Reloading Press is an excellent machine, and it cranks out large quantities of great reloads with a minimum of fuss. But, it has a couple of little "nags" that bother me. One of them is the tendency for spent primers to find their way around the spent primer cup. I don't know about you, but I hate sweeping... and I certainly don't like trying to sweep up those little brass devils from my garage floor. So, I fixed the problem!

The "Problem":

Here is a picture of the stock spent primer cup:

Click for larger version...

When the spent primer drops out of the chute under the de-capping station, it doesn't always drop directly into the cup. Often, it will hit the edge of the cup or the mounting lug and bounce who knows where!  How do you get that little brass gremlin to fall into the cup?

The "Solution":

My solution was to create a "feed ramp" for the primer cup such that if the spent primer hits anywhere around the cup, it will be deflected into the cup rather than onto the floor. Here's an image of the cup with the ramp installed:

Click for a larger version...

The Result:

I re-installed the cup on the RL550B and proceeded to test the fix. I de-capped 500 40 S&W cases and all 500 of the spent primers made their home in the cup rather than under foot. I consider this a success.

OK, so this isn't an "Oh Wow!!" fix, but it certainly makes reloading an even more pleasurable pursuit.

Here's an image of the modified cup installed on the machine:

Click for larger version...

I have submitted this idea to Dillon as a suggested design change. If Dillon passes on the idea, I am seriously considering producing this ramp to "upgrade" the large number of existing RL550B et al. presses with this cup.

Please take a moment to let me know your thoughts on this project and whether you would be interested in having one to upgrade your machine...  You can email me of course, but I would prefer that you post your comments in the Forums under this thread.

Shoot safe and shoot straight!

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