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The Bike

I began with a basic Diamondback Response Sport, and this page reflects its evolution in reverse chronological order, meaning the newer images and info are at the top of the page. Had I known I was going to jump into MTB with both feet, I might have chosen a different bike or simply started with a custom frame, but this is really not a bad bike for the occasional/sport rider. Though, if you plan to get serious about MTB, you will definitely want to make some upgrades.... hence this site. (Click on images to see larger versions)
Current Weight:  28.75lbs / 13.07kg Total Weight Reduction:  5.25lbs / 2.39kg (approx)
Updated: 18 June 2000 - Since 5 June, the bike has acquired new brakes, levers, shifters, derailleurs, cables, cassette, chain, rings, and crank (only the frame, wheels, and reflectors are original). Note: A hydration pack (write-up coming) now carries the water, pump, tools, etc. Current weight still includes the light/battery. Phot was taken while I was working on a harness mod to allow battery removal sans clipping zip-ties.   Weight: 28.75lbs / 13.07kg (loaded with following: cage, light/battery and computer) Click to enlarge Image....
Photo taken after the stem and fork were installed (05 Jun 2000). Weight is approximately 31.25lbs / 14.20kb (loaded with the following:  pump, light/battery, tool bag w/ tools, cages, water bottle, and computer installed) Click to enlarge Image....
Photo taken at the LBS just prior to the stem and fork installations. At this point, the flatbar, grips, saddle, seatpost, seatpost collar, skewers, and pedals had already been upgraded. Didn't get a weight.... sorry. Click to enlarge Image....
Stock Diamondback Response Sport picture "ripped" from the DB site. This bike has the red/black paint scheme and clips. Fully loaded with the pump, light/battery, tool bag w/ tools, cages, water bottle, and computer, this bike project started out weighing in at over 34 lbs.


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