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Bottom Brackets, Cassettes, Chains, Chainrings, Chain Accessories, Cranksets, Derailleurs (Front/Rear), Pedals

BOTTOM BRACKET:  Race Face Taper Lock Bottom Bracket (110mm Steel)
Click to enlarge Image....This BB is light, silky smooth, has cartridge bearings, adjustable chain line, and it's from Race Face..... Unless you want to give in and travel the Shimano proprietary road, this would be my suggestion for a top-notch BB. The titanium model is lighter, but NOT recommended for riders over 180lbs, a group in which I definitely do not reside.... And you can check out some reviews over at mtbREVIEW. Click to enlarge Image....This Shimano BB-UN52 unit is actually not the original stock BB. The stock (no-name) unit self-destructed after only about 60 miles. My LBS replaced it with the much smoother, nicer, and lighter Shimano part here....  Great spare to have on-hand.... but even as an upgrade part itself is a boat anchor compared to the RF part...
Weight: 220.05g Weight: 317.1g
CASSETTE:  Shimano CS-M750 (12-34T)
Click to enlarge Image....I chose the XT cassette over the XTR cassette for two related reasons. Currently, at 220+ lbs, I am a bit concerned that I might destroy one of the XTR titanium cogs, creating a very expensive paper weight.... which is reason #2: The XTR cassette is a very expensive part.  I don't mind spending big bucks on a part, but shelling out mucho bucks and having durability doubts is just too much to ask. Read the reviews at mtbREVIEW. Click to enlarge Image....Also Shimano, the stock CS-HG50 (11-30T) is part of the Shimano Alivio line, for Novice/Recreational use.

Steel, heavy, 8-speed..... gone.

Weight: 299.05g Weight: 358.5
CHAIN:  Shimano CN-HG92 (9-speed)
Click to enlarge Image....Nothing glamorous here, just the XT-level 9-speed chain to start. I suspect that I will try out a "power link" type chain at some point.  Anyway, the some reviews on this chain can be found over at mtbREVIEW. Click to enlarge Image....The stock chain was a Shimano HG part as well, but of course had to be dumped for its 9-speed cousin... Due to the narrower profile of the 9-speed part, a small weight savings was realized.
Weight: 278.75g (installed) Weight: 292.35g
CHAINRINGS:  Race Face Race Rings (Compact 9-Speed)
Click to enlarge Image....Sweet set of rings... Machined well, easy to install, shift very smoothly (ramped and pinned), a whole lot lighter than the stock unit they replace, and they look great. Many nice things have been said about these guys over at mtbREVIEW. Click to enlarge Image....The stock Shimano rings are steel, so they would last a long time... and they do shift "OK"..... but.... they're stamped steel which is both super heavy and butt-ugly! The "pins" are stamped into the ring, setup for 4-arm spider, and are 8-speed only... They had to go!
Weight: 236.15g Weight: 364.4g
CRANKSET:  Race Face Next LP (Compact)
Click to enlarge Image....Short of totally insane DH runs or 12+ foot drops, this Race Face part is absolutely bomb proof. Extremely stiff, super craftsmanship, trick looks, and it's not a splined Shimano part! Check the reviews at mtbREVIEW. Click to enlarge Image....Decent part for a consumer level bike, but simply not in the same league as the Next LP... With over a pound of material to work with, it should be a much better part.
Weight: 423.10g Weight: 466.4g
Click to enlarge Image....Simply a beautiful part! Works extremely well with the Race Face Rings. Very close tolerances and smooth shifting. Check the reviews at mtbREVIEW. Click to enlarge Image....The stock Shimano FD-M330 from the Acera line is inferior to the XTR front derailleur in all respects: material, workmanship, performance, looks, and especially weight.
Weight: 113.80g Weight: 169.20g
Click to enlarge Image....A work of art! Great performance, easy and precision adjustments, looks are awesome, and I really like the rubber boots. Check the reviews at mtbREVIEW.
Click to enlarge Image....The stock Shimano RD-MC18 is from the Alivio line and should frankly not even be pictured on the same page as the XTR part much less be compared to it. Sure glad I decided to upgrade the drivetrain to 9-speed... the 72g weight savings is a pretty cool bonus too!
Weight: 235.10g Weight: 307.00g
PEDALS: Shimano PD-M858
Click to enlarge Image...Man was I ever glad to see these Shimano PD-M858 SPD Pedals arrive. Check the reviews over at mtbREVIEW on this part. A good balance between performance, strength, and weight.  And buying Shimano is sort of like choosing IBM, in that "No one ever got fired for buying IBM." Looking forward to putting many miles on them. Click to enlarge Image......and here's where we started. This is the DB Response Sport OE pedal is made by Wellgo in China from black ABS plastic and is absolutely "butt-ugly"!
Weight: 380g Weight: 315g


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Revised: March 03, 2006 .