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Glock Accuracy: The Quest Begins

Back in early 2001, I became convinced that it was possible to make Glocks much more accurate than they are "out of the Tupperware". I looked around, read, asked questions, and generally searched for possible methods for accomplishing my goal.

Virtually every industry contact I made either totally ignored my inquiries, told me that match accuracy was a non-starter in Glock pistols.... or inflicted upon me often ridiculously illogical stuff like "Glocks are ONLY combat pistols....", "...they're inherently inaccurate....", "'ll make it unreliable if you try to increase accuracy...", blah, blah, blah.... yadda, yadda... 

A couple of folks I spoke with even suggested that I did not even rate an opinion on the subject due to my obvious lack of "expert" status in the industry. The "conservative" powers that be seemed to be convinced that pistols must sacrifice accuracy to be reliable... I thought to myself during a number of these tirades, "Bunk!"

So, I refined my goal some bit: Build a Glock that is radically more accurate than stock, doesn't sacrifice any of its legendary reliability, and can be had by the average shooting enthusiast without retaining a master gunsmith or enduring months long waiting lists.

Some bench rest rifle shooting information on the importance of chamber and throat geometry piqued my interest to such an extent that I began to analyze the Glock Model 22 barrels that I had on hand (stock and KKM Part # G22D1). The first thing that really stuck out was the incredibly huge bullet jump present in both barrels. Additionally, I measured chamber length, diameter, vertical/lateral/longitudinal "play", barrel hood/breech face fit, barrel/slide fit, and a host of other relationships. I also became interested in the interaction of the ammunition and weapon with respect to accuracy... things like head spacing (case mouth vs. extractor), case to chamber fit, component consistency, etc.

The results of my analysis convince me that Glock owners are contending with a vast array of worst-case tolerances, chosen to insure absolute reliability and low production costs at the expense of accuracy potential inherent in the design.

Frankly.... bottom line.... I love Glocks, and I'm tired of the "traditionalists" looking down their noses at my favorite firearm. I'm convinced, as I was in the beginning, that I can produce a Glock that can compete head-to-head with most any other tricked-out production pistol and without it costing thousands. This section of this website will be devoted to documenting my efforts at achieving the goal.



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