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"More, Better, Faster..."


I bought my 1989 Ford Mustang LX Coupe (2.3L) new from Jordan Ford in San Antonio, TX on January 10, 1990.  I wish I had a surviving picture of it brand new, but I don't. It was a very sweet looking little Pony. I've been waiting for nearly 13 years to build make this car what it should have been from Day 1, and what I've dreamed of virtually every day of all those years. Follow along as I detail the transformation.


08/15/2004 - Wow!  Amazing how long it's been since I updated this page.  I have amassed a huge pile of parts with which I am constructing my car.  In spite of many things distracting me from doing so, I am currently beginning the engine build up.  I have added a couple of pages today... an article on Ring Filing and a "Show and Tell" on the Crank Trigger wheel I designed and had machined.

I'm going to try and spend some time tonight updating a few of the existing pages (like the Working Plan page that is totally out of date).  A lot of stuff has changed since February of LAST year.... except that I still haven't finished. 

02/23/2003 - Did some more work on Weight Reduction today...
02/22/2003 - Worked on the wiring today. Rewired the power windows and a few other odds and ends.  I described the re-wire ops for today on the Weight Reduction page.
02/13/2003 - Tons of stuff has happened...  Most of the engine parts are stacked up and waiting for the block to be finished. One major change is that I will not be using the TEC III engine management unit.  I have acquired the new Haltech E11 which is IMHO a superior unit for my application. In addition, I picked up a new laptop for use with the Haltech when the time comes...

The Esslinger "NASH" head has arrived of course, as have the crank, pistons, rods, and just about everything else I ordered thusfar.  I spec'd and ordered a new set of 800cc/min low-impedance injectors from RC Engineering, and they are sweet looking.

Additionally, I am looking forward to receiving my "Candy Blue" powder coated SVO rocker cover from Ben at JUSCUZ MOTORSPORTS.COMBen is working on getting a powder coating service setup that specializes in TurboFord parts, and the results are simply stunning.

Today, I took some pics of the waste from the on-going weight reduction program for the car....  I updated the Weight Reduction page.

12/14/2002 - Well, I'm not nearly as far along as I'd hoped to be by this point... BUT, the parts are starting to come in now.  The major portion of the engine-related stuff is due in before the end of the year from Esslinger Engineering.  That shipment includes a balanced and machined stock stroke crank, studs and straps kit, windage tray, high volume oil pump, crank/rod bearings, complete set of sprockets and pulleys (wide timing belt), billet Intermediate shaft and specially machined bearings.  In addition, I've acquired an oil pump drive to eliminate the distributor when I install the Electromotive TEC3 Engine management controller and DIS ignition. Additionally, Esslinger is sending me an aluminum flywheel to go with my SPEC Stage III clutch.  I'm also one of the first folks who'll be getting the ALL-new Esslinger Aluminum Street Head.  under the head will be a set of custom-machined JE turbo pistons (bushed and ringed with Total Seal gapless rings). Pushing the pistons will be a set of Manley Sportsman Forged Steel 5.7" rods.

Slowly, but surely, I'm getting the engine out of the '88TC donor car (as I sell the "spare" parts...) Space is at a premium... especially with all the other projects I have going/pending.  The entire interior is stripped out of the Pony as I pair down every last ounce of "dead" weight from the wiring harness.... and prepare to re-wrap it with self-fusing silicone tape (to egt rid of the convoluted tubing and tar-based splice sealant).

Additionally, I've spec'd out the electric water pump, front mount intercooler, custom radiator, cooling system controller, and electric fans...  I've finished the design for the aluminum water pump eliminator bracket/water inlet... I already have the 130 amp alternator and PGMR (Hi-Torque) Starter on hand.  I need to get busy on the suspension front and rear as well.  The TC tranny is going o undergo a thorough rebuid complete with several beefy upgrade parts to help endure the inevitable abuse I will endure.  The rear end will be completely disassembled and rebuilt (and finished) in preparation for the installation of the custom double-end spherical LCAs, panhard bar, coil-overs, and torque arm... all from my work bench CAD machine... along with the 2x3 inch beam weld in frame slotted SFCs/strut tower reinforcements, and 8/10 point cage.

Still a long way to go, but the fun part is about to begin... 

04/16/2002 - Bought and towed the 1988 Turbo Coupe home today from Vallejo, CA.  I'll try to post some pics of it sometime this week. other than that, I've just been continuing to strip the interior out of the '89 Mustang in preparation for installing the sub frame connectors, tailoring the wiring harness, et al.

04/11/2002 - Reset the utility boxes (Edison is going to bring a new one by tomorrow) in the driveway expansion area. The concrete pour is scheduled for next Wednesday the 17th. The seller of the 88 TC called me back today to tell me the title still isn't back from Sacramento yet. <grrrr> No biggie though since I can't park the TC on the new driveway area for at least three weeks after the pour, AND I don't have an engine hoist or stand yet. I'm going to go parts hunting tomorrow in Fresno.

Added a "Before" page today to own up to the abuse I've put my little '89 LX through cosmetically... We'll fix it all up though.

04/10/2002 - Spent most of the day prepping the area for the driveway widening to accommodate the donor car.  I still have to move the utility enclosures over and line them up with the curb.  I also have to run to OSH and get some caps to cap the 5 sprinkler heads below grade....  Then it's just a matter of getting the concrete poured. You can see the pic I took HERE.



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