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Computers: Avenir AC3 (10 Function Computer)
Don't have a picture of the AC3, but it's a pretty standard part. The AC3 is a wired model, and gets the job done at a reasonable price. If I had it to do over again, I'd at least get the AC5, which has the illumination option. This part is easy to set up and functions well. ....upgraded from: no prior computer
Click to enlarge ImageMy wife has the Night Explorer. I went with the NICAD version because it is lighter, brighter (25W vs. 20W), and the water bottle battery holder is more secure than the Explorer's top tube mounted bag (wife doesn't have a second set of mounting lugs). Check the reviews over at mtbREVIEW on this part. ....upgraded from a little reflector.  Not putting a pic of this thing up. I mean... what would be the point. 


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