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Toshiba 65H80 RPTV


I bought a Toshiba TheaterWide 65H80 Rear Projection Television in February 2001. It is my first RPTV and I am thoroughly happy with it. However, just because I am happy with it, doesn't mean there isn't a bit of room for the odd tweak here and there.

This page will contain a full link listing of ALL the tweaks & tips that I have applied to this set.

Warning: Virtually ALL of these tweaks will void your warranty or damage your set OR YOU if done improperly! Proceed at your own peril. Please do not monkey around with/inside your RPTV unless you are sure you can do so safely and successfully!


3:2 Pulldown Enable Procedure
Basic Front Disassembly
Access to Focus and Screen VR Pack
Front Panel Removal & Prevention of "Lenticular Sag" Part I
Front Panel Removal & Prevention of "Lenticular Sag" Part II

Scan Velocity Modulation Disable Procedure (Hardware)



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