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Media Storage Cabinet


OK, I love movies...  Or, more specifically, I love to watch movies via my DVD player.  Unfortunately, my DVD collection outgrew the shelf unit I had (not helped by my wife's addiction to collecting CDs).  So, the existing shelf unit was relegated to CDs only, and I designed a multi-purpose Media Storage Cabinet (primarily for DVDs).  I didn't document the design or the construction process.  It was a hellish nightmare doing both and I didn't want any reminders of the process.  However, here are a few images of the completed product.


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Cabinet Front
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DVDs Displayed
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Here's a front view of the cabinet. I apologize for the "flash ball", but I don't have access to a reflector. The cabinet's dimensions are about 45"Hx45"Wx18"D and has six drawers.

It is 100% MDF in 3/4", 1/2", and 1/4" widths. It was painted with an HVLP gun using lacquer primer and Epoxy Alkyd Gloss Black paint.

Here is the top drawer open and filled with DVDs.  Each drawer is divided into five compartments. Assuming that you had only "keep cases, you could place 25 DVDs in each compartment, or 125 per drawer. That yields 750 for the entire cabinet. The compartments are slightly over-sized in width to allow insertion of DVD collection boxes et al. Here you can see a close-up of the first compartment. I set the height, width, and depth measurements very carefully to maximize capacity and minimize wasted space whether the compartment contains DVDs, VHS cassettes, or CDs. When storing CDs, they are placed in multiple rows across each compartment. I don't have the exact numbers handy, but the capacity is enormous for CDs. 
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Drawer Slides
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Full Extension
Here is a close-up of one of the drawer handles.  The handle assemblies are mounted in routered pockets for a flush fit, and the handle ring is spring-loaded to stay in the retracted position. I may have to put a felt "bumper pad" behind them to eliminate rattling at "higher volumes".  The handles are secured with stainless steel screws. The drawers are attached to the carcass with Accu-Ride drawer slides. The model I chose is a full-extension, ball bearing slide with a retention mechanism to keep the drawers closed. You can adjust the drawer fit in/out with the carcass-mounted half. The up/down direction is adjusted via the drawer mounted half. The slides allow the drawers to open to full extension which allows me to remove the last DVD in a row without having to futz with removing any of the DVDs in front of it. This was perhaps one of the hardest parts of the design.

You can't see it, but the cabinet is mounted on ball bearing transfers which provides both a steady base for the cabinet and easy movement in any direction. This is crucial, as this is one heavy cabinet even before you load it up with 750 DVDs.

Actually, this project is not REALLY complete yet...  I still have some work to do on it.  I am going to line the drawers with black felt (a nice touch, AND to keep the media cases from rattling when the volume is turned up on the new speakers/sub).  Also, I'll be adding felt pads on the reverse face of the drawer sides to keep the drawers from rattling against the frame.  At some point, I plan to take the cabinet BACK to the shop for more paint work.  It need to be color sanded and recoated about three more times to get the finish for which I am looking.  For right now, I needed to get it out of the garage to make room for other more pressing projects. 


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