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Join "The Quest"!

I'm on a "quest"... A journey to produce truly world-class accuracy in Glock firearms while preserving their legendary accuracy and relative affordability. While I have the drive, determination, skills, creativity, and ability to see the journey through, I am not (unfortunately) blessed with unlimited resources.

I think I have proven the potential benefits my work can offer in my recent article on Bullet Jump Reduction in the Glock Model 22 and my willingness to freely offer my work to the shooting community-at-large.

I need your help. Whether you represent a large manufacturer or a small business... Whether you are a competitive shooter or "Joe Six-Pack", you can join me in The Quest. Check out the list to the right for just some of the ways you might be able to assist.

As long as I can secure the necessary resources (money, materials, and facilities), I can continue my work and make the results available here for everyone's benefit.

Keep in mind that much of my work will not be confined in application solely to Glock products, but will likely be easily adaptable to many additional weapon makes.

I will make myself personally available to assist anyone who materially contributes to continuing my research and development efforts.

All "Quest" members will, in addition to having unfettered access to my work and my assistance, be prominently featured in a Sponsorship section on this site and in all publications, documents, and other work products.

Weapons manufacturers (especially Glock!) - You can provide the technical information I require such as manufacturing specifications and tolerances. You also have the materials, facilities, and other resources to assist in development/prototyping. EMAIL ME!

Barrel manufacturers - You can provide technical specifications, prototype production services, and other resources. EMAIL ME!

Shooting related businesses - You can provide many kinds of support from critically needed equipment to industry contacts and more.

CNC Machinists and related businesses - You have the facilities that will be critical to producing/modifying prototypes for many of the projects. EMAIL ME!

Competitive shooters - You guys are the work-horses and rain makers. Y'all are the "real world" proving ground for the technology. If you use it, they will make it! EMAIL ME!

Everybody!!! - Above all... spread the word. And, if you are so inclined, you can make a monetary donation to cover a portion of the R&D expenses not covered by other sponsorship means. Click the PayPal logo to contribute from your PayPal account or by credit card.

Or you may send your donation directly to:

P O BOX 2183
HANFORD CA 93232-2183



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