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Scan Velocity Modulation (SVM) Disable Procedure


First, let me take a moment to properly credit the folks who made this article possible:

Keohi HDTV: This is a super site with tons of tweaks and tips, like the Toshiba SVM Disabling page from which I found the tip submitted by David Piesina on How to disable SVM on the Toshiba 40H80. David's article is right on the money. I suspect his method will work on all xxH80 sets, so I decided to document the procedure with images.

Thanks y'all!!
Clay Autery

Warning: Monkeying around inside an AC electrically powered device is DANGEROUS!! You could seriously injure or kill yourself if you make the wrong move. Do not attempt this procedure unless you have the requisite skills and knowledge to complete it successfully. This article is provided for information only, and I accept no responsibility for damage or injury resulting from the use of the information contained in this article.
Refer to the Basic Front Disassembly Procedure to bring your set to the starting point for this procedure.  (NOTE: You may click on any image to pop up a larger version of the image with arrows indicating action points.)
Click for larger image...
Step 1
Click for larger image...
Step 2
Click for larger image...
Step 3
This is an overall shot of the center (green) CRT assembly. Note the two circuit boards attached to it. Here is a close-up of the SVM/G (PB9586-5) board attached midway up the CRT assembly. Here is a closer shot of the right hand side of the SVM/G circuit board. Note the three plugs. The 4-place plug in the center (P706B) is the SVM power supply plug. The other end of this harness connects to the right main circuit board on the floor of the chassis. This plug brings 120VAC (pin 1), ground (pin 3), and +11VDC (pin 4) to the SVM circuitry. Pin 2 is not connected (NC).
Click for larger image...
Step 4
Click for larger image...
Step 5
Click for larger image...
Step 6
Plug P706B has been disconnected from the SVM/G board, which removes power from all three SVM boards on the CRT assemblies. The SVM/R and SVM/B boards receive power through plugs 708A/B and 709A/B respectively. Note that I re-routed the P706A/B harness through the white wire-twist to keep it away from any other components. Here is a close-up of the left side of the SVM/G board. The 3 place plug on the extreme left-rear of the board is P707B. This harness connects to the left main circuit board in the floor of the chassis. This harness carries the VM signal (pins 1 & 2) and ground (pin 3). Though not sure, I'm assuming that this VM signal loop allows for SVM rate adjustment via the Service/Design menus. (??) Probably not necessary, but I disconnected P707B at the SVM/G circuit board. This totally isolates the SVM circuit boards from the rest of the system. 

Note that I made both disconnections at the SVM/G circuit board. Yes, the board/mounts are fragile, but with due care the harnesses can be unplugged much more easily at this point. The opposite end of the P706B harness would be VERY difficult to access without further disassembly.

That's it! Simply reinstall the steel panel, the front access panel, and the speaker grills; plug the set back in; and you're back in business.


Copyright (C)2003 MONTAC Enterprises.  All Rights Reservedİ
Revised: March 03, 2006 .