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The Plan (work in progress)


This working plan stems from my desire to convert my tired little coupe with 147,000+ miles on it to a super handling, quick, and fast semi-sleeper. It has to remain street (and emissions) legal as I plan to continue driving it indefinitely. This plan will change... (and it has.... screw the emissions... I'll go through the referee process...  I can build it cleaner my way anyway....)

Power plant:

Replace the current stock 2.3L normally aspirated engine with a 2.3L Turbo engine from a donor car ('88 TC).  The only way to keep my car emissions legal is to use an '89 Merkur engine (referee process).  I suspect that I can likely use a powerplant from something like an '88 TurboCoupe as long as I fit the emissions setup as they are in the '89 Merkur. This is all based on the California requirement that replacement engines be either a) replacement engines from like model, like year, or b) replacement engine from another model from the same manufacturer of the same model year or newer, WITH all emissions provisions installed and functional... AND must pass a referee station inspection and the sniffer test (which as I understand it has just been increased to a dynamic loading test (DYNO) as opposed to the old sniffer in the tail pipe in neutral gig. The donor engine will of course be treated to a complete rebuild prior to taking up residence in the Coupe's engine bay.


For now, I plan to stick with the T5 since the donor car will deliver the third unit into my little inventory. That will give me two to rebuild while I use the third. I will upgrade the T5's to handle the anticipated increase in horsepower. torque, and "increased demand" I intend to put on them.   I will install an aluminum flywheel, Stage III clutch and aluminum drive shaft.


I intend to swap the stock 7.5" for the 8.8" in the donor car ('88TC).  The axles are a bit longer, but I'm planning to convert to 5-lug anyway...


I've already replaced the lower control arms with a set from Maximum Motorsports (being replaced with adjustable sperical rod-end bearing LCAs... (custom made). I intend to make a fairly serious investment of time and $$ in the chassis: in frame subframe connectors, 8/10-point roll cage, torque arm, panhard bar, coil-over shocks, tubular k-member, tubular a-arms, front coilovers, caster/camber plates, etc.


Basically the entire interior will eventually be replaced with a much more Spartan and hopefully much lighter components.


While I already have virtually a complete NOS (New Old Stock) set of exterior trim parts on the way, I'm considering serious exterior mods to eliminate as much of the exterior trim (and weight) as possible. I'd like to eliminate the body side molding altogether along with the adjacent body panel folds as well. I also plan to eliminate stuff like the exterior radio antenna (gone), door handles, fuel filler door, etc. The paint scheme hasn't even been seriously considered yet, but the entire car WILL be stripped to bare metal and repainted. The undercoating will be stripped as well (necessary so that all seams can be welded). The entire inspection/stripping process will allow the thorough search for and elimination of oxidation of any kind.

Weight reduction:

(Moved to Weight Reduction page)


Custom made to order Charge Air Cooler from Spearco. Custom made to order 3/4 core radiator. 16" pusher fan and scoop assembly in front of IC, and another 16" puller fan drawing through radiator. Remote electric water pump and closed loop variable flow regualting control system for pump and fans.

3" single exhaust with cat and muffler... all mandrel bent stainless... side exit. Currently planning on using a Bob "Ford" Lee "log-style" header with a wide-band HEGO and EGT probe...  Turbo?  Haven't spec'd it out yet.. will do soon to get it on order...

EEC-IV is going bye-bye in favor of a TEC3 standalone system...



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