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3:2 Pulldown Enable Procedure


First, let me take a moment to properly credit the folks who made this article possible:

Thanks to "tom h" at Home Theater Spot for posting the procedure for getting to the ADDR-UPCON mode. And of course, thanks go out to "Gertjan", who posted the scan of the instructions at the "Spot".

Thanks y'all!!
Clay Autery

Warning: This procedure requires you to access the ADDR registers for your RPTV. If you do something wrong, you could very well screw your set up beyond recovery, making it the worlds largest paper weight. This procedure is provided for informational purposes only. DO NOT attempt this procedure unless you understand and accept the inherent risks associated with it! 
On certain Toshiba RPTVs, the 3:2 Pulldown function is present in the circuitry, but for some reason was not enabled when the sets were programmed at the factory. I'm not going to get into what 3:2 Pulldown is, how it works, or why there are/were many sets with this feature lying dormant. This is simply the no-frills procedure for those wishing to enable the feature.  (NOTE: You may click on any image to pop up a larger version of the image with arrows indicating action points.)
Click for larger image...
Step 1
Click for larger image...
Step 2
Click for larger image...
Step 3
"DNR" is what this ADDR hack enables. Think it's a Tosh acronym for Digital Noise Reduction...  Anyway, set your set for ANT1/ANT2 and set DNR to "AUTO". Exit the menu. Shut the set off; unplug; count 15 slowly; plug in; turn on. Don't really think this is absolutely necessary, but it won't hurt. Got this One-For-All Cinema 7 (URC-7201) remote for $16.97 at WalMart. You really want the URC-780x or other learning remote if you can get it, but I didn't have time to mess around looking for it.... so I settled for this one. It works fine for the mod, is cheap, and is nice to have strictly for ADDR manipulation. Once the Cinema 7 is set up for a Toshiba TV (per the Cinema 7 instructions), do the following:

Press "TV" button.
Press "Setup, 0, 1, 4

You should now have a readout like the one in this image.

Click for larger image...
Step 4
Click for larger image...
Step 5
Click for larger image...
Step 6
Press "Setup, 0, 1, 4 again.

You should now be in the "ADDR - UPCON" mode with a readout similar to the one above.

Scroll up to register 17Fh. You can do it one at a time with the "Ch" up/down buttons, or you can use a shortcut:

Use the "100" button on the TV remote to set the first register digit to "1".

Use the "0" button on the TV remote to set the second digit to "7".

Use the "Ch up/down" buttons on the Cinema 7 remote to set the third digit in the register.

Note the value of the register. If it is "80h", continue the procedure. If it is already set to "07h", then press the "Exit" button on the Cinema 7 remote and abort the procedure. Your 3:2 is already enabled. If the register is any other value, proceed at your own peril. I suggest that you hit "Exit" on the Cinema 7 remote and quit.


Now, using the "Vol up/down" buttons, set the value of the register to "07h" (repeatedly press "Vol up" until the value reaches "07".

Your other option is to use the number buttons "1" - "8" to toggle the bit registers in the fourth line to match the above "00000111b". The "8" button controls the left-most binary digit (MSD). The "1" button controls the right-most digit (LSD).

Once the value is set as above, press the "Exit" key on the Cinema 7 remote. This should pull you out of the ADDR mode completely. You are done!

You COULD also power off and power on to be sure you are out of the ADDR mode.

That's all there is to it. I didn't really need to do this as I use a Progressive DVD player for 80% of my viewing. But I figured.... If you HAVE a 3:2 capable converter in the set, it might as well be functional!


Copyright (C)2003 MONTAC Enterprises.  All Rights Reserved©
Revised: March 03, 2006 .