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Trigger Weight: Putting your trigger on a diet!

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Looking Closer:

Let's take a closer look at a couple of the "features" of this setup. Taking a look at the image below...

Click for larger version...

I set the exact midpoint of the trigger as the location for the harness bar. Note the "blocking" used to insure the bar stays centered.

Click for larger version...

I chose to use a bar at the top rather than the bottom for a couple of very important reasons. As you can see above, it is very easy to see even the slightest imbalance. If the weapon is exactly vertical and the bar is perpendicular to the weapon, then the applied load (force) is acting directly back on the trigger minimizing side loads. In addition, the bar allows for future load vs. displacement measurements. This will be necessary to address inter-pull "hitches" (or large increases in force per unit of displacement) such as when the trigger bar engages the firing pin safety plunger et al.

 Click for larger version...

It's a little easier to see in the image above. Note the "sight notch" in the bar. It was cut so that a consistent relationship to the machinist's ruler can be maintained for determining displacement. By sighting over the notch against the ruler, I can measure displacement fairly accurately to approximately 1/64" (0.01563"). The loads can be plotted against displacement in a graph that will clearly show various "problem" areas in the pull-through.

Click for larger version...

Above is an image of the weapon right at the break point. In fact, the very next case I added to the system caused the trigger break. It is very important to add weight to the bag very carefully. Dropping cases into the bag cause momentary "load spikes" due to the acceleration imparted by the moving case. A load spike near the break point will cause a premature trigger break at an erroneously low weight. The cases must be placed in the bag to minimize acceleration-induced errors. I use a set of long tweezers.






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